Thursday, May 17, 2012


           Thanks so much for stopping in! I'm Naomi, owner and designer of Pretty Little Maniac :)  I started making hair accessories after several failed attempts to find a cute headband that didn't squeeze the heck outta mah brain.  For me, comfort comes first, I don't care HOW cute something is, if it's painful to wear, I WON'T wear it, so I design first with comfort in mind.  I'm also super vintage obsessed and especially inspired by the carefree spirit of the 70's, so my pieces are  not only comfortable, but pretty and whimsical as well.

      I'm a stay at home mom to my 3 little creatures, and it is truly the best job ever! A wife and mother is all I ever wanted to be and I love those babes with all my heart, and their handsome Daddy! In a previous life I  worked in the beauty industry as a nail tech, so I've got a few tips and tricks up my sleeve, but right now, I'm livin' it up in the desert with my loves.....until our beach house is ready....probably in 20 years when we retire......I'm also a dreamer......gets me in trouble!



  1. just stumbled on your blog and LOVE it!

    excited to read more!

  2. oh my gosh your blog is FANTASTIC! so flirty and feminine. i found you via the wiegands!! lucky, lucky me! xo

  3. that is exciting! I am glad you love what you do~ I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER!

    I hope you can stop by my blog- if you have any feedback at all I would really appreciate it- and I hope you can follow me back too GFC

    God bless always!

  4. Came over from the lovely Wiegands blog!! I totally agree with you on the whole not being able to find headbands that fit your head; I have the EXACT same problem!! They always look so cute in the model picture and then when I attemp to put them on my own head in the same fashion, it's a total fail. I gave up on trying to find headbands that try to fit me :/ Yours are quite cute though (:

  5. hi! stopping by from the group giveaway at the wiegands, im apart of the giveaway too! i LOVE the headbands you make! i am def going to be checking out your store, im obsessed!!!! New follower! My blog, MessyDirtyHair is a fashion & lifestyle blog with a lot of focus on hair, you should check it out!

    xo Kelly

  6. Hey there! Loving your blog design and look forward to checking out your accessories :)

    xo Shane

  7. hey there, love you banner design so much :)

    and your shop photos are gorgeous. looking forward to reading more of your blog

    Barnicles x